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Simfusion develops and creates a wide range of turn-key virtual reality solutions for various sectors on the market with our team of programmers, designers, 3D artists and sale representatives, to guide you throughout your whole project. Innovation is at the core of our values to redefine the way we interact with digital content and enhance the end user experience.

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Services ar

Augmented Reality

Enhance your publications or showcase your products in a new fun and interactive way with your end-users through virtual reality.

Services 360

360 Solution

From 360 visits to video projection, we offer fully customizable solutions to exceed our clients' expectations.

Services vr sol

VR Solutions

Take a step further and leap into the metaverse. Proprietary solutions developped by our team allow you and your customers to do interactive walkthroughs, infinite configurators and much much more.

Services con cre

Content creation

With our in-house team of developpers and artists, we can handle projects of any sizes.


Sectors arc


Make sure your clients truly understand your designs and the way you envision the use of their space

Sectors eng


Still relying on old and expansive technologies, engineers can benefit a lot from AR and VR to explain processes, design and iterate projects as well as making a big splash during the release of your hard work.

Sectors man


Manufactures can be better designed through collaborative designs using AR and VR as well as making sure your employees remain safe with better training before reaching the full-size machines.

Sectors mar


Be innovative and reach your end users with much more engaging content that can be tracked and analysed with a level of precision never reached before.

Sectors edu


Probably one of the most on-demand sectors for VR and AR developers right now, education through immersive technologies provide a greater engagement with your students as well as a more direct feedback during training.

Sectors tt

Tourism / Travel

Put your customers at the center of his or her dream vacation. The only thing separating you from your next trip is the choice of the destination.

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Montreal, P.Q.

Telephone: 514-506-2740

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Simfusion gathers more than 15 years of experience in designing, developing and delivering products and services in the areas of training, prototyping and the promotion of products through interactive applications for large and small corporations.

With our partners and our team of developers, we strive to offer customers a unique approach and service during the design and implementation process. From desktop to mobile solutions, Simfusion not only creates pretty pictures but also delivers essential added value by customizing its applications through well designed human interfaces and portability through various platforms.

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